Restaurant Area

Enjoy the unique flavors of Santorini!

Welcome at Afroessa Hotel Restaurant!

Preparing on a daily basis high quality food inspired of the traditional local cuisine and the use of the fresh unique’s taste products of Santorini.

Each meal is inspired by the philosophy of timeless Mediterranean cuisine and are made up of the original combination of simple unique products, such as red tomato with hard rind and the explosive taste which characterises the Santorinian salad, fava, white sweet eggplant, capers, the caper leaves and the excellent wine of Santorini, the land of the volcano.

Relax at Afroessa Hotel’s terrace and enjoy tasty dishes from the menu that inspires you to dream of the colors, the scents and the history of the Aegean.

It is certain that your stay at Afroessa will be enriched with unforgettable culinary experiences from the restaurant and its inspired staff.

We will be happy to welcome you to our Restaurant for lunch from 14:00 to 18:00